Playaz Lounge Café


To better serve St. Cloud and surrounding area with the best shows, Playaz is in the process of moving/expanding to a new location!  We apologize, but during the move our current location will be closed.  You can expect the launch of the greatest St. Cloud venue to be sometime in January 2007!

12/23/10 - Update - Merry Christmas from Playaz Lounge!

9/9/10 - Update - I took the forum down because it was getting spammed.... oh, and nobody used it

3/6/10 - Update - ...Dathan loves this site and wants Playaz to open soon...

4/16/09 - Update - ...The dream lives on...

3/13/08 - Update - ...a year later... I am assuming DanO is still looking; meanwhile all the best shows are bypassing St. Cloud.

2/20/07 - Update - I talked to DanO tonight and he said he is having problems finding a location for the new venue. I will keep you posted. Also, I just told DanO he can still check his Playaz e-mail :-) ~Cedric

Please note: Playaz E-Mail is still available!

As always Dan-O can be reached at